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TVSquared’s “The Broadcast” is a monthly newsletter devoted to the biggest trends impacting TV advertising across linear and OTT, including real-world insights from industry leaders and news for brands, agencies and media owners.

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2020 Issues


The November 2020 issue of TVSquared’s “The Broadcast” takes an in-depth look into empowering advertisers to measure TV how people watch it – across all platforms and screens.


The October 2020 issue of TVSquared’s “The Broadcast” reveals the top takeaways from Advertising Week 2020 and delves into why addressability is so crucial to TV advertising.


The September 2020 issue of TVSquared’s “The Broadcast” tackles the latest evolution in cross-platform measurement, the 2020 Emmy “TV ad winners” and the emerging role of data-driven linear.


The August 2020 issue of TVSquared’s “The Broadcast” delves into the game-changing partnership between Sky and TVSquared, which proves the full scope of TV’s effectiveness, and explores how advertisers can be empowered during COVID-19.


The July 2020 issue includes key findings on how COVID-19 has impacted TV advertising, the importance of staying on-air and more.


The June 2020 issue covers the latest trends for booming DTC brands and how advertisers can unlock the power of data-driven linear.


The May 2020 issue covers how OTT is impacting all corners of the TV ecosystem (including real-world insights from industry leaders), examines how well ratings really align with TV-driven response, a new can’t-miss podcast and more of the latest TV advertising news and trends.


The April 2020 issue delves into how COVID-19 is impacting advertisers throughout the world, unpacks OTT advertising and spotlights DTC brands in 2020.


The March 2020 issue includes a look at how ad spend is coming back to TV, pan-European TV performance, and this year’s Oscar “ad winners.”


The February 2020 issue delves into cross-platform, multi-touch attribution capabilities, Super Bowl LIV TV ad “winners” and more.


The January 2020 issue covers the latest TV news and insights, including the biggest trends impacting TV advertising this year, the world’s largest OTT and linear attribution rollout and best practices for maximizing local TV.